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A Brief Family History
A Brief Family History
Family Reunion
Joseph and Catherine
Joseph D. Hunter
Matthew C. Hunter
John S. Hunter
James G. Hunter
Henry W. Hunter
William H. Hunter
Mary E. Hunter
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Hunter Family Tree

The Hunter coat of arms. The motto means, "I finish the course."

Our family history, as I know it, begins when the parents of Joseph Hunter left Scotland around the end of the 18th century. They settled in New Jersey where their son, Joseph was born. He married Mary E.  (?) and they had a son Joseph A. Hunter. The family moved to Pennsylvania around 1818 where they settled near Etna, Allegheny Co., PA. Joseph A. married Catherine Boyer, daughter of Henry and Barbara (Moyer) Boyer, in Allegheny Co., PA and they had 7 children; Matthew Crawford, Henry Wilson, John Stewart, James Garfield, Joseph Davidson, William Harvey, and Mary Elizabeth. You will find links to pages about each of Catherine and Joseph's children on the left of your screen. My line follows down through Joseph D. Hunter. Joseph D. married Martha E. Taylor, daughter of George Taylor and Elinor Stewart. Born to Joseph and Martha were 4 children; Joseph C. W., Mabel E. T., Oliver E. C., and Mary C. The Hunter's home was on Prospect Street in Etna, Pa. The house remained in the family until the death of Oliver in 1954.

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Hunterston Castle, Ayrshire Scotland. This is the ancestral home of the Hunter Clan. It is reportedly the longest clan-inhabited castle in Scotland! The Castle recently underwent extensive restoration. If any of us Hunters go to visit Scotland, we can arrange to stay there!

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