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A Brief Family History
Family Reunion
Joseph and Catherine
Joseph D. Hunter
Matthew C. Hunter
John S. Hunter
James G. Hunter
Henry W. Hunter
William H. Hunter
Mary E. Hunter
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Hunter Family Tree

This page contains newspaper clippings and other interesting stuff written about our family. Click on the underlined text to view the document.

1880 census showing Joseph D. and Martha Hunter living on Prospect Street in Etna. Her parents George and Elinor Taylor were also living on Prospect St at this time.

Obituaries for Catherine Boyer (1893).

An abstract about Joseph D. Hunter from the Allegheny County History (c.1900). The content was taken from an interview with the subject and his family.

1900 census showing the family of Joseph and Martha Hunter on Prospect St in Etna, PA. (This is a large file, so be patient. It will take a while to load.)

A listing of Joseph D. Hunter's funeral expenses from Bock Funeral Home (1912).

Newspaper article about the 90th birthday of Martha Taylor Hunter (1935)

Newspaper article about the 91st birthday of Martha Taylor Hunter, they mistakenly printed that it was her 92nd birthday (1936)

Another article about Martha Taylor Hunter's 91st birthday.