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A Brief Family History
Family Reunion
Joseph and Catherine
Joseph D. Hunter
Matthew C. Hunter
John S. Hunter
James G. Hunter
Henry W. Hunter
William H. Hunter
Mary E. Hunter
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Hunter Family Tree


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Thanks to the following people for providing these images and photographs.
* Harvey P. Hunter
^ Mabel Hunter Brest
~ Howard O. Hunter
> Chris Jones

A photo of Catherine Boyer and Joseph A Hunter, c. 1855. >

Martha Taylor Hunter, c. 1865.

Catherine Boyer Hunter and her children at their home in Glenshaw, PA. >

Martha Taylor Hunter. ^

Matthew C. Hunter, son of Catherine and Joseph Hunter, 1884. >

The children of Catherine & Joseph Hunter, taken at 83 High St, Etna Pa- the home of John S. Hunter, son of Catherine and Joseph Hunter. Caption lists those in the photo clockwise from top left to bottom left. c. 1885. *

Louise Bratschie Hunter in 1903. ^

E. J. Hunter Sr, 1911.

Edwin J Hunter Sr and Ellie Murphy Hunter, about 1913.

John S. Hunter, son of Joseph and Catherine Hunter, in his GAR uniform, taken July 1915 at his home on High St, Etna, PA. *

E. J. Hunter Sr about 1920. ~

Oliver Hunter with his mother, Martha Taylor Hunter. Louise Hunter is in the background. ^

The Hunters- Oliver E.C., Mary C., Martha E. (Taylor), Mabel E., and Joseph C.W. ^

Louise Hunter (Mabel L, her daughter in the background). ^

Edwin J Hunter Sr at the beach, about 1936.

Matching photo of E. J. Hunter Sr's wife, Jane Hoffman, at the beach, 1936.

E. J. Hunter Sr and Louise Bratschie Hunter. ^

Jane Hoffman Hunter and Louise Bratschie Hunter, 1937. ^

Louise Bratschie Hunter and Oliver Hunter, from a small locket picture.

Another one of Louise and Oliver Hunter. ~

Mabel Hunter Brest- her senior photo (1941).

Ed Jr and Fred Hunter, 1945.

E. J. Hunter Sr with his boys, Fred and Ed, 1946. ^

Edwin J Hunter Jr's senior picture, 1964

Frederick R. Hunter's senior picture, 1964.

E. J. Hunter III (me), 1980.

E. J. Hunter III, college picture, 2001.