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The Car

So, you want to know something about me and my car?  You're in the right place!

I'm 32 and live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I can't remember a time when I didn't want an Edsel of my very own.  I've always been interested in the '50s... the cars, the music... and I have always considered the Edsel to be quintessentially '50s.  Now I finally have one of my very own!  But enough about me, let's talk about the car.

...the very worn trunk script. Hope I can get it rechromed!

Things to be done...

Okay, so there's a lot that I need to do to bring my Pacer back to life.  The pictures make the exterior look worse than it really is.  The primer spots aren't actually covering rust, they are covering places where the paint has worn thin, exposing the original primer.  Makes it look pretty bad, I know.  The side trim is beautiful, shines almost like new when it's all polished up.  The bumpers need some attention as do the pot metal parts of the car... taillight bezels and door handles.  A good paint job and some rechroming will bring the exterior back up to par.  I also need two hooded mirrors a trim plate for the antenna, and eventually a set of spinner hubcaps. 
The interior is a little different story.  It's in need of some replacement parts.... new radio knobs, new window crank knobs, visors, carpeting, seat covers, and eventually door panels.  And someday, I would like to replace the delete plate in the instrument cluster with something like a tachometer or compass.  I'm also trying to figure out how to add a slightly more modern sound system to the car without creating any noticeable changes to the car's appearance... perhaps something hidden in the trunk, like a cd changer... this one is going to take some time! 


Some Photos...
some taken by me, some taken by the previous owner.






My car is a 1958 Pacer two door hardtop that was built on October 11, 1957 at the Louisville, KY plant.  The car was originally sold by Innerst Edsel (1016 York St) in Hanover, PA, and as far as I know, it has spent its whole life in PA.  It still sports its original tri-tone color scheme- turquoise, snow white and jet black.  As you can see from the pictures, it's going to need a new paint job. The original white vinyl and turquoise cloth upholstery is present but is covered over with newer vinyl and cloth seat covers.  The original is in rough shape, so that's going to have to be replaced eventually. 
Being a Pacer, it naturally has the E-400 engine... a somewhat misleading name for it since it's actually a 361.  Some of the features the car has include dual exhaust, Teletouch transmission, a dash clock, dial-temp heater, and of course, the tri-tone paint job. 
From what I can tell about the car, it has probably been involved in at least one, maybe two accidents.  The trunk deck has a slight buckle in it, the trunk lid is very misaligned and ill fitting, and the scallop area on the rear-end of the car is pushed in slightly on the driver's side.  The back window is a replacement, suggesting that the car was perhaps in a rear-end collision that damaged the trunk area and broke the back window.  The front end seems to be replaced as the fenders both have coral paint under the turquoise... again suggesting that the car may have suffered some accident damage.  Or perhaps this was some sort of mess up at the factory... I've heard of such things happening!

Hanover Nash (1957) This appears to have become Innerst Edsel in 1958 as they share the same address

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