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Tips and Tricks

Here are some hints that others have given me for various restoration projects... and some products that I have found that work really well.

Interior chrome cleaning

Use Orange Clean sprayed onto a soft cotton cloth to wipe away those ugly greenish-looking splotches that form on chrome over time.  I found this almost by accident and was pleased to be able to clean up the chrome on my dash so easily without using harsh chemicals.  Use a toothbrush for the tougher places.
If you have a tough polishing job, I recommend Simichrome polish.  It's a little on the expensive side, but a little goes a long way and it works miracles! 

Door Panels

My doors panels were pretty scuffed up along the bottom and greasy along the upper parts.  I decided to give Simple Green a try since I had heard good things about it.  First, wipe down the door panel with a damp cloth... don't get it too wet, remember, these things are essentially cardboard covered with vinyl and cloth.  Test a small area of the cloth for color fastness... the turquoise  cloth in my car was unharmed by the cleaner, but I can't guarantee that all colors will hold up.  Simple Green is another non-toxic chemical like Orange Clean, so no worries about getting it on your hands.  It took the greasy marks and scuffs off my door panels in nothing flat.  There were a few stubborn places, and for those, I used a soft bristle toothbrush.  Wipe the panel again with a soft cloth to get the residual cleaner off... and voila... clean door panels. 

Exterior Pot Metal Cleaning

Now that I have started cleaning up the chromed pot metal on my car, I thought I would share some techniques that I have used.  Probably the easiest way to clean off the grayish nasty stuff that accumulates on chrome is to get some very fine 0000 steel wool.  (this is probably the best way to clean up badly pitted stuff too)  I use the fine stuff because I managed to scratch some chrome before with the rougher stuff.  If you want to be on the safe side, you can just get some Simichrome polish... it's kind of expensive, but if your chrome isn't pitted (like mine) it works great. 

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