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Edsels I Have Met

I've decided to create this page to document the Edsels that I have seen and connected with on some level (I'm sure that makes sense to those of you that are true Edsel fans).  They are in chronological order of when I "met" them.  Unfortunately, the list is rather incomplete as I haven't documented or photographed every Edsel I've seen since I was a kid. 

Edsel # ?
Summer 1987: 1958 Ranger 2 door hardtop, Ember Red and Snow White, Indiana, PA
This was the first Edsel I ever saw... and I almost talked my dad into buying it (for $800!, but I was only 9 years old)  All it needed in the summer of '87 was a good paint job and some new tires, but by the time it disappeared around 1991, it had smashed windows,  rodent damage to the seats, a broken hood ornament and a few dents.  I don't know who bought it, but it would have been a great project.  I spent many afternoons taking bike rides to "visit" the car and photograph it.


Edsel 702686
October 2001: 1958 Ranger 4 door sedan, Spruce Green Metallic and Snow White
I looked at this car in Plum Boro, PA and considered buying it.  The body was very rusty, but it had a lot of good parts, and it ran like a charm!  It was recently sold on e-bay.


 Edsel 711443
November 2002: 1959 Ranger 2 door hardtop, President Red and Desert Tan
I looked at this car in Indiana, PA and and nearly bought it.  What a great color combo this was, plus it had two spotlight mirrors!  The body was kind of rusty in the usual places, but it was in really great shape otherwise.  If I hadn't just bought mine a few months earlier, I would have owned this one!  Not sure if this one sold yet or not.


Edsel 732167
August 2003: 1959 Ranger 4 door sedan, Desert Tan
I looked at this car in Dravosburg, PA and it has really nice chrome.  The interior could probably be salvaged as well.  The body is a bit beaten up, but not a whole lot of rust.  From what I understand, the engine is frozen up.  I'm planning to take a picture soon when the weeds die back.
Unfortunately, this car was damaged in a flood and disappeared before I had an opportunity to photograph it.

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