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Edsel Links

Restoration Links

Mac's Antique Auto Parts- send for their free Edsel parts catalog, it's worth the wait!

SMS Auto Fabrics- I got great upholstery samples from these folks. They make door panels too!

Antique Auto offers a repro battery (g29npp) for the Edsel.

Brookshire Early Ford Parts:  This is where I got my hood insulation.  They don't seem to have a website, but here is the phone number. 704-827-5280

Coker Tire- if you are looking for wide whites, this is the place to go!

Concours Parts- check out their "Big Ford" catalog for window seals and other compatible Ford parts!

Jim Osborn Reproductions, Inc.- these folks produce great repros of decals and various manuals. A must have for any restoration!

Pat Walsh Restorations- Wakefield, MA. NOW has a website! They have a range of Edsel items including roofliners and window gasket rubber. Ask for a catalog- he's got one! This is where I got my roofliner!

Edsel World- I've never dealt with these folks personally, but they specialize in Edsel parts and cars exclusively. If they can't get it, no one can!

Links about our favorite car lots of useful info about Edsels. Make sure to add your Edsel to the online registry!

Keystone Chapter of the Edsel Owner's Club- if you're around PA, you might want to join this club. They have lots of great events and a cool newsletter. Check out their site.

National Edsel Archives and Museum- lots of neat stuff including images of Edsel documents and photos of some Edsel prototypes!

Smith Motor Company... Your hometown Edsel dealer- a very cool site about the '58 Edsel.

Other neat sites

Edsel Promo Time- lots of information about those promotional plastic cars that we all know and love.

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