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Progress Diary

This is a record of what is being done to the Pacer as well as the website.  This used to be a forum for my thoughts about the restoration, but it has evolved into an archive for old "What's New" messages that have fallen off the main page. 

July 14, 2011
Spent some time cleaning the very dirty engine compartment today. It looks almost as good as it did 5 years ago. Also spent about half the day hooking up the washer jar and attaching the new vacuum lines to everything. Tonight was the first time I've seen the Pacer's lights at night. The dash looked pretty cool with all the gauges lit up! Check out the new photos of the engine compartment on the "current restoration photos" page.
I'm also in the process of creating a new page about the dealership that sold my car back in 1958. You can see a few ads I've posted on the "Innerst Edsel" page!

July 3, 2011
The Pacer was the hit of my family's July 4th party. It was really encouraging to see so many people so excited about the car (even though it's not finished yet) and interesting to hear stories about other relatives who owned Edsels! My great uncle owned a pink Villager, evidently!

June 25, 2011
The Pacer is up and running again and has most of it's front end trim back on! Small steps... We drove the car for about 6 miles, and it purrs like a kitten- a really big one!

 June 12, 2011
Today I got the front grilles back on the Pacer. The horse collar was a real pain, but it looks great! Enjoy the new photos on the current photos page!

April 30, 2011
The Pacer got a much needed bath! Check out the post-bath photos on the current restoration photos page to see the current state of my project!

April 28, 2011
Today was moving day! The Pacer has moved from the body shop to its new home in my parents' garage. I'm looking forward to having the car in a more accessible location and getting it finished.

April 20, 2011
Obviously the site has had a complete makeover! I will be working on editing the pages, adding some new stuff and reworking some of the old! Hope everyone enjoys the new look!

April 19, 2011
I added a new page to the site,"Vintage Edsel Literature." I'm scanning in and posting some of the vintage publications I have about our favorite car. First up is an article from the September 1957 Popular Mechanics Magazine, Here it is, The Edsel!  Enjoy.

April 18, 2011
I've added a few new photos to the other Edsel restorations page. Make sure to check out my Edsel's near twin from Utah! I also found one of the many photos I took of the Edsel that made me an Edsel fan back in the summer of 1987.

April 17, 2011
Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated the site. If anyone has contacted me about making changes to photos, ownership of cars featured on the site, etc, please e-mail me again. I've lost everything in my e-mail account. As a result, I have no record of your requests. Hopefully you will see more updates in the following weeks. Unfortunate circumstances are forcing me to move the Pacer from it's secure "hiding" place, but the plus side is that it will be more easily accessible to me! Happy Spring!

September 28, 2007
It's been a long time since any updates!  Just wanted to assure everyone that I'm still around... just mixed up amidst buying a house 2 years ago, changing jobs and trying to get life organized!  The Pacer is still in storage waiting for new chrome and tires...
A quick note to everyone I had been in regular contact with... I managed to lose the entire content of my yahoo mail account because I didn't check it for such a long time.  The account is back up and running, but I don't have any of your addresses.  Please feel free to email if you would like to get back in touch

February 15, 2006
It's been an eventful several months since my last updates... I've purchased and moved into my new house (new to me... but actually about 96 years old)!  No more renting!  But enough about the house... there isn't anything going on with the car since most of my money has been going into paint and house parts... I think I need to buy Lowe's stock!  Anyhow... I did post one additional picture in the 2005 section.  It shows the completed front seats.  The door panels are also finished, but I have not taken any photos yet.  Everything looks awesome!  I can't wait to get the car put together.  All I need is some re-chroming and 4 tires, and we'll be ready to roll! 
As for the site... I have finished moving all the photos to their respective pages.  This should help those of you who have slower connections... hopefully most, if not all, of the photos should load fairly quickly now.  Enjoy!

 September 25, 2005
I'm still working on moving the older pictures.  You will notice some 2003 pictures on the current restoration photos page... these are here because they haven't been moved yet... the newest I have are posted at the top of this page... and others from 2005 are on the 2005 page.  The newest photos show the new upholstery on the back seat and most of the trim back on the car!

 August 15, 2005
I've begun changing the photo archives.  Any photos that are not current restoration photos will be archived in the year's page (2002 to 2005) in which they belong.  Please excuse the untidy photo archives until I have had a chance to complete this project.  I've also started changing around some fonts to make things match a little better.  Hope that everyone is enjoying the changes!

 August 14, 2005
In the next few days, I will be making some changes to the way in which the restoration pictures have been archived.  The page is getting way too long and takes forever to load.  To remedy this, you will see one page of photos for each year since the restoration began.

August 11, 2005
The seats and door panels have finally made their way to the upholstery shop!  With the newer covers stripped off the original seats, it looks like there is quite a bit of the original material left to work with... at least enough to make a decent pattern for the new cloth and vinyl.  The car will make a journey via flatbed to have the upholstery and carpet installed.  There is finally an end in sight!  Now, I have to decide on tires and find a good chrome shop!

August 4, 2005
It's been too long since I've posted anything here!  I hope that no one thinks I have given up the project.  I've been moving and getting settled in and the car has just been on hold for some time now... The good news is that as of yesterday, things are back underway.  The shifter motor is finally back in and everything works like a charm!  Can't tell you how relieved I was to find that the Teletouch system was in great working order!  The next step is to take the car to the upholstery shop where it will get it's long-awaited and well deserved new interior.  As soon as I have some photos, I will get them posted.  Hope that everyone is having a great summer!  Hard to believe that it's August already!

March 31, 2005
The good news is that the fabric for the interior has been here for a couple of weeks.  The bad news is that the upholstery shop is booked until August!  Looks like another summer lost to waiting!

February 17, 2005
I ordered the fabric for the upholstery yesterday.  It shouldn't be long before I have a decent looking interior!

February 9, 2005
It's been some time since an update.  I've had a lot of e-mails asking about progress on the car, but unfortunately, there isn't much to report.  I will be ordering the upholstery fabric soon.  Hopefully, the car will be ready to go this summer.  These long Pennsylvania winters make it hard to get work done because the car can't be moved from the body shop to the machine shop without being exposed to road salt.

November 5, 2004
I have updated the fallen Edsels page with a couple more entries. 

October 28, 2004
The front and rear windows went back in today.  I'm glad that there was no distortion in their shape since they have been out of the car for a year and a half!  Take a look at the pictures.  The installation of the Teletouch motor is the last thing that needs to be done before the car can be driven.

 October 25, 2004
With Halloween and my birthday right around the corner, things are really busy.  The Pacer turned 47 on October 11th... unfortunately we didn't get to go for a drive, but she did get a nice new headliner (on the 7th) that fits!  It looks a little wrinkly in the pictures, but the puckers and wrinkles are slowly working their way out.  Soon the glass will be back in and she can make a trip to the upholstery shop to get the roofliner steamed and to get new seats and door panels!

 August 1, 2004
I've added a new link to the "Other Neat Links" section of the links page.  Check it out!  The 58-59 Edsel Group... the owner, Dave, is restoring a '59 Ranger. 

July 28, 2004
No good news to report.  The roofliner finally went in... er... well, didn't really go in.  It was sewn crooked again, so I'm officially finished with SMS.  My upholstery guy is going to try to fix it and make it work.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!  Anyone know where to get turquoise chain cloth or white boxcalf vinyl?

 July 9, 2004
Finally, I have some time to edit the site!  There isn't much to report at this point.  We are on a parts hunt to find some stuff to finish up the project for the summer.  I am waiting for my upholstery guy to get back from vacation to finally get the roofliner all put back in.  I'm going to be making some updates to the fallen Edsels page.  I've had some submissions from people in the last month or so.  Keep checking back.  Once the roofliner is back in, things will progress a bit more quickly. 

 May 15, 2004
This week has brought a mix of good and bad news.  The side glass is all back in the Pacer and the roofliner is going back in... but there is a slight problem with the roofliner!  SMS made the liner red vinyl then dyed it white.  It was packaged and sent before it was dry and as a result, some of the cream-colored dye is peeling away from the red vinyl!  They are sending us a can of the dye to fix it, but it has taken over 6 months to get the correct roofliner!  Hopefully it won't take this long to get the upholstery when it's time for that.

May 1, 2004
It's been some time since my last update, but there hasn't really been much to report until this week!  My new side glass is cut and ready for installation and the correct roofliner has FINALLY arrived from SMS.  We ordered it in November... after receiving an ill-fitting one that was made of the wrong vinyl and fighting with them for months (literally), the correct one has finally arrived.  Let's see if it fits correctly or not!  I wish someone else sold the correct seat upholstery for my car!  Once the liner and front and rear windows are in, the car will be road worthy again.  Exciting!

March 21, 2004
No real news to report, but I wanted to leave a few words here to update everyone on the progress... new flat glass is being cut for all of the side windows as the glass is cracked and de-laminating in some cases, rust-colored in other cases.  We are also replacing window parts, seals, and some of the chrome.  I'm still in search of some of the chrome pieces for the car.  The most pressing ones are the 2 inner taillight housings that go on the trunk lid... anyone know where I can find 2 nice ones? 

January 16, 2004
Today is a big editing day!  I've added a new page.. "Other Edsels."  Not a real original title... but it works!  The page features (or will feature) pictures of Edsels that site viewers have been sending me.  Anyone have pictures?  There is always room for more!  I'm also updating the photos of my car.  There are some new pictures of the front grills and headlight bezels.  They are all painted up and shiny to back on the car.  Take a look!

 January 7, 2004
The past few days have been a mixture of excitement and disappointment... excitement because the new roofliner was to be installed yesterday... disappointment because the material was too thick and once it was installed, it didn't fit right and the seams were sewn crooked!  I guess that will be going back to SMS for a refund or a new roofliner!

November 2, 2003
It's been a long time since I've written anything in here, so I thought it was about time that I put something down.  I'm very pleased with the progress on the Pacer.  It's really coming along and is turning out so much better than I ever thought it would!  I've really appreciated all of the encouragement from you folks out there who view the page regularly and drop me messages.  It's great to hear from you!  Keep the messages rolling in.

September 17, 2003
I was taking a few minutes tonight to reflect on just how far the car has come in a year and 6 months... the engine has gone from sputtering and groaning to almost silently purring... the body is well on its way to being smooth and shiny again!  It's really exciting when I think about it... and I just hope that everyone who has helped along the way knows how much I appreciate everything they have done for me... particularly my father, who I definitely could not have done this without.  Thanks to everyone... and I hope that thign continue to proceed as smoothly as they currently are!
The first coat of primer is on the car... it's an epoxy primer to help prevent rusting.  Let's hope that it works like it's supposed to!  The next coats of primer will be the base for the final paint job.  I'm really looking forward to seeing some color.  Let's hope mother nature gives us some time before she lets the snow fly!
I just realized that I never posted a picture of the grille now that it is all finished... so here it is!  I'm happy with my efforts...


September 3, 2003
The windows are out and patching has begun on rust that was revealed under the seals.  Soon the priming will start.  I can't wait!

August 7, 2003
The last of the body work is being completed.  There were some trouble areas around the trim clips and some old dents that had been leaded in.  The windows will come out soon...

July 30, 2003
The body is nearly stripped.  Once the front and rear windows are removed, the body work can be completed.  I've found the proper window gaskets, so it looks like things are on track!

July 7, 2003
The engine and transmission are back in the car and she runs like a charm... aside from the fact that we seem to have lost the bracket for the teletouch motor somewhere in the shuffle... something else to add to the parts list! 

June 25, 2003
The engine painting is finally nearing completion... Talk of hauling the car out from its winter and spring hiding place has started, so it shouldn't be long before the engine and transmission are back in the car!  Now I need to get some tires! 

May 8, 2003
The engine is done and so is the transmission.  The painting will be starting as soon as these are back in the car!  There is some sort of end in sight!  I'm looking forward to getting the car on the road for a test drive.. but before that I need to find some suitable white wall tires for her!

November 25, 2002
Winter is setting in and things have come to a standstill with the car.  I am presently working on paying off the repairs to the engine and transmission... a bit more than I had planned on!  The car is in storage for the time being, but once the engine is back, the painting will resume.  The car should be running and painted for next summer.  As for the interior and chrome, that's going to take some time, but it will get done eventually... that's why they call these projects, right?  Well, enough for this entry.  Take care everyone and keep warm (for those of us that are in cooler regions :) 

October 6, 2002
My car's 45th birthday is quickly approaching.... on the 11th.  Things are progressing... insides of trunk and hood are painted.  The radiator is ready to come home from the shop, the generator is back, and the engine is almost ready to leave the shop.  Once the engine and stuff is all back in, it will only be a matter of a few weeks until she's done.  I'm still in search of insulation for inside both trunk lid and hood.  I may have a lead.  Not sure though. 
I'm still polishing trim and chrome.  What a job!  I'm also trying to get together lists of seals and stuff that I will need.  The lists seem endless!  Upholstery, window seals and brushes, door seals, miscellaneous little parts, and tires (having problems finding 2 1/4 inch white walls).  Here's hoping that I'll manage to get everything together in time to take her for a drive before she gets garaged for the winter!

September 20, 2002
The painting and body work are progressing.  The hood, roof and trunk lid are almost stripped and ready for priming.  The inside of the trunk is painted... look s great!  I can't wait to see the whole car wearing it's new coat of paint.  The engine and tranny should be back within the next few weeks... they keep getting put off.  The teletouch motor is back and ready to be put back in, so all in all, things are moving along.  I'm still working on my side trim and pot metal... trying to get it to shine as best I can.  Found something else that I need to search for... the hardware that holds the spare tire in as well as a spare rim and the bumper jack. 

September 10, 2002
Well, things are progressing.  I'm waiting to get my shifter motor back from Mike Brogan in New York.  Once it's here we'll get that reinstalled and then it'll be time for the engine to go back in!  It should be back within a couple of weeks.  I can't wait to see it back in there!  Rick is working on patching a few bad spots in the trunk and starting to get things ready to be primed.  In person the turquoise color is great!  I didn't like it at first, but it has grown on me.  Hopefully things will get wrapped up before the snow flies! 

August 24, 2002
With the arrival of the paint and the painting of the firewall, I can finally see some sort of end on the horizon!  It's really encouraging to see come color!  I don't think I'll make my hoped finishing date... I had wanted to be able to make the 45th Edsel Birthday Bash at Raystown Lake in late September, but I can't see all of the work being completed by then.  Oh well.  At least things are progressing and I should be able to take the car for a spin before winter!

August 18, 2002
Things are really starting to progress.  The end of the project seems almost in sight.  I am just about done repainting the grille.  The engine compartment is all primed and ready to be painted.  The cans of paint came in on Friday, so it shouldn't be long before Rick starts to paint the engine compartment.  I believe that he is planning to get the body ready for painting before the car is sent to have the engine and transmission put back in.  I can't wait until it's done! 

July 31, 2002
Things are progressing well with the car.  The rear end is back in shape, the new battery tray is built and things are really starting to shape up.  I've been working on the horsecollar grille.  It is progressing slowly.  I've coated the mesh with a rust-converting primer.  I hope it works well.  The mesh part of the grille is getting pretty rusty.  The chrome is polishing up very nicely.

July 16, 2002
Things are really starting to shape up.  I've brought the horsecollar grille and dealer script home to be cleaned up, repainted, etc.  I'm anxious to get the project underway.  Below is a picture of the grille to document what it looked like before I began working on it.  I've already done some rebending of the wire mesh so that it's back within it's metal edging. 


July 14, 2002
Things are progressing!  Most of the patching is done on the front end.  It looks great!  Next job is to get the firewall ready for the return of the engine.  I'm still waiting to get the teletouch motor back from Mike Brogan in New York.  Hoping that everything is okay with that. 

June 30, 2002
Work is progressing on the car.  The last I saw it was on the 26th.  All the welding was pretty much completed on the driver's side.  Rick found some serious damage to the front fender up by the headlight.  He is going to be able to fix it, so I'm happy that I won't have to find a while new fender.  Here's hoping that we don't find anything else as bad as that.  The engine is progressing although I haven't seen it since the last photos of it were taken. 

June 19, 2002
The welding is done on the passenger's side of the car.  Things are really shaping up.  There are some more problems on the driver's side near the headlight... lots of filler and little metal.  I guess these things happen with 45 year old cars...  Anyhow, I'm puzzling over paint and all kinds of questions right now.  There is so much going on that it's hard to talk about just one thing! 

June 17, 2002
Not much new to report today.  Rick found a lot of sand down in the body panels of my car... I wonder if it spent some time near a beach.  As far as I know it was never owned by anyone outside of Pennsylvania. 

June 14, 2002
Not much new to report... the car is mostly stripped of its trim, aside from a couple strips around the windshield.  The inner fender is repaired, now I just need to know what the battery tray looked like so that that something can be made to replace the missing one.  I also need to find trim clips, and antenna with the right trim plate and the passenger side window real soon. 

June 7, 2002
Took a trip to the body shop today.  The trim is mostly off along with the bumpers.  Rick was hosing down the undercarriage... it's in pretty nice shape under there!  There is more rust on the body than i thought there was initially.  The pictures pretty much say it all... when I get then posted, you'll see what  I'm talking about. 

May 30, 2002
More bad news today, the crank shaft is scored and needs to be remachined... I have another bent push rod, I need a water pump, a timing chain, and one of the valves is stuck in the head.  Pretty neat, huh?  The work continues...

May 29, 2002
Well, my move is complete....  and I'm working on getting the new house put together.  Now, on to the car.  The engine was pulled yesterday.  I'll have pictures of that soon.  So far, Curt hasn't opened up the engine too much, but there are a few things that are certain... I have one very bent push rod, the bearings are leaking, I need an oil pump, and the starter motor is shot.  So... the list of repairs is mounting.  The transmission is going to be sent to the shop in the next few days.  I think that's all for now... I'll probably have some more news tomorrow.  Now I have to go on a parts search!

May 25, 2002
Heard from the garage today... the mechanic... Curt... has already started taking things apart... cleaning the carb (which wasn't even attached properly)... checking out the condition of things under the hood.  The oil pressure problem is the result of the drive rod for the oil pump being twisted and broken.  The rod was actually twisted.... I am guessing because the pump seized up.  Thankfully there is no damage to the distributor.  I'm hoping that there isn't much damage to the engine.  Curt seems to feel that the best thing to do is pull the engine and tranny and see what's wrong with all of it.  I'm a little nervous about that since it involves disturbing so much stuff... especially the wiring.  I'll be interested to find out what comes of all this.  Wish me luck everyone who is reading this... I think this could get real expensive real quick if it doesn't go my way.   

May 24, 2002
The car had an uneventful trip to the garage and body shop today.  We hauled her out on a flat bed around 10:30 this morning.  I took some pictures that I will post on the webpage as soon as they get back from the developer's.  I'm feeling very good about the mechanic who is going to be working on the car... his goal is to get her running and driveable before she leaves the garage.  Here's keeping my fingers crossed that there isn't anything too wrong in the engine.  I also visited the body shop guy... his work is amazing.  I'm feeling real confident that he is going to make her as close to new as possible.  Well, that's about it for today... I'll keep updating as I hear news from the garages....

May 23, 2002
Well, tomorrow is the day that my car heads off to the body shop and garage.  It's going to be a tag-team effort by two guys that came highly recommended to me.  I'll miss seeing her every morning when I am leaving for work but this is for the best, especially since my new apartment doesn't have a garage!  Anyhow, I'll keep up with entries to let everyone know about the progress on the car... I also plan to have some new pictures tomorrow.  So, check back often... 

May 12, 2002
Well, it's been a while since I've written anything... and it's been a while since I've actually touched the car... aside from patting it on the fender every morning before I head out to work.  I'm in the midst of an all out apartment search and not having much luck.  I may have found a temporary solution to my car storage problem.  The shop that was going to do the body work for me is willing to take it in and work on it as I give them money... and the real plus is that there is a garage down the road from them that can possibly help me out with the oil pressure problem!  Things are starting to come together... slowly, but surely. 

April 24, 2002
Found out that I will have to leave my apartment a month earlier than I expected.  Talk about throwing a wrench into the gears!  I haven't touched the car in a few days.  I've been trying to find a place for the car... not to mention an affordable place for myself! 

April 21, 2002
Finally got the oil changed this morning.  Don't know how successful it was since there still isn't any oil pressure... and the oil pan was full of all kinds of crud... including fine metal shavings.  Guess I maybe looking into both an engine and tranny rebuild.  The transmission is still stuck in reverse despite the fact that it was manually shifted into neutral. 

April 20, 2002
Tried to change the oil today with no luck.  The oil plug is screwed in so tight that ten horses couldn't get it out.  Was hoping that the oil pressure problem was caused by thinned oil.  Looks like I will probably have to drop the oil pan anyhow to get the plug out.  Guess I'll check out the oil pump while it's down. 
Also vacuumed the rust and crud out from behind the front grills and from inside the engine compartment.  Noticed some coral paint behind the horizontal grills and behind the horsecollar grill trim and turquoise overspray on the chrome.  Looks like the front fenders and hood have been replaced at some time in the car's life.  For not being original fenders, they line up really well anyhow.  Once the car is painted and polished up, no one should be able to tell that they aren't original.  Well folks, that's about it for today.  I may fight with the car some more later... but we'll see. 

April 16, 2002
Finally managed to get the teletouch motor working after cleaning all the electrical contacts and fiddling around with some wires.  Now all I have to do is figure out why the transmission is stuck in reverse, and why I'm not getting any oil pressure. 

April 14, 2002
Yesterday was a bad day and I was too angry to write anything.  I discovered that there is no oil pressure in the engine and the transmission is definitely stuck in reverse.  I'm not completely sure of the cause of either one of these problems.  It could be any number of things, so the search starts.  Not making any progress with the teletouch motor either.  I think it's dead.  Didn't do anything with the car today.  I needed a break. 

April 12, 2002
Spent some time working on cleaning the interior.  Vacuumed the carpet and tried to get it looking a little more presentable.  I think I may be able to reuse the original carpet.. at least for now.  It's in good shape.

April 10, 2002
Replaced several bulbs in the dash cluster.  I managed to find ones that fit at K-Mart even though I had heard that they were hard to find.  I spent nearly 3 hours playing around under the dash.  One needs to be an extremely long fingered midget contortionist to do things like this!  Anyhow, that part is done, now I need to find a new wire and socket for the radio light.  The original one is gone. 

April 9, 2002
I finally got the dash lights working!  I managed to break one of the bulbs trying to get it back into it's little dash socket, so now I'll be on a quest for the bulb.  I hear that they are hard to find.  I still can't seem to get the radio light working... Actually, I can't even find it!  I have no idea where it is.  I guess I'm coming to terms with the fact that this whole project is going to take FOREVER, especially with the transmission problem.

April 8, 2002
Am ready to roll the car out into the alley, take a sledge hammer to it and call the junk man to take it away.  I've just spent the entire evening rolling around on the greasy floor of my garage trying to get the manual lever on the transmission to shift into neutral.  The thing won't budge.  All I have to show for my hours of grimy labor are a pair of really greasy, black hands.  The lever seems to be stuck, so I can only imagine that something is really wrong in the transmission and that the shifter motor is probably burnt out from trying to move the arm that won't budge.  Just when i thought I was getting somewhere on this project.

April 7, 2002
A friend and I finally got the engine running- the choke wasn't working properly, but the transmission won't come out of reverse.  Perhaps something is wrong with the relays between the shifter buttons and shift motor.  The engine sounds good... aside from the fact that it needs new exhaust.  Now the car starts everytime I try!  Very encouraging.  Unfortunately, I think my Teletouch is going to have to go to the shop for some repairs.

April 4, 2002
Cleaned and waxed the dash, polished the dash chrome.  Took out the metal trim around the windshield.  Cleaned it and the area around the defroster vents.  Also repaired the sagging visors. 

April 3, 2002
Finally figured out where the gasoline leak is... the fuel line going into the carb was loose.  Tightened it, but couldn't test again because the battery died.  Messed around with the dash lights again.  This is getting really frustrating.  Nothing is working out like I want it to and it feels like I'm never going to get anywhere with this project.

 April 2, 2002
Tried to fix dash lights by bypassing the dimmer switch.  Didn't work.  Still no dash lights.  Dial-temp controls are working well as is the radio.  The bulbs in the dash are practically impossible to reach unless you are a contortionist.  I'm getting really frustrated trying to find someone to do a little body work and paint the car. 

March 27, 2002
Picked up my battery today.  This is the first time I've actually seen a battery with caps on it.  Some of the dash lights work, not those in the dash cluster and the radio.  I don't know if it's a blown fuse or what.  Had the car started for about 10 seconds.  Big problem... there was gasoline everywhere.  There is a leak somewhere near the carb.  Someone suggested a stuck float. 

March 18, 2002
Did some cleaning in the car.  Washed the windows.  Started to shine up the chrome inside.  This is going to take some work, but I'm really excited about it.

March 17, 2002
The car arrived tonight at about 7pm.  My dad, roomate, and truck driver pushed the car into the garage while I drove it.  The car is much better than I thought it would be.  I'm beginning to wonder what I've gotten myself into! 

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